Corrections Policy

Khabartime Media Group Pvt. Ltd. believes in transparency and honesty. Therefore, Sulav Post will correct the mistakes immediately. The completeness and freshness of information represent two indispensable values ​​in the world of online journalism, and Sulav Post believes that accuracy is equally important. We make sure to improve when needed.

Khabartime Media Group Pvt. dedicated to informing its readers about the seriousness of a mistake (no matter how big or small), and to provide accurate information as soon as the mistake is noticed.

When an error is found in an article, Sulav Post News works to quickly find the right information and clearly demonstrate improvements within the article as much as possible. Improvements will include:

The correct information.
What was originally published that was incorrect.
The date (and time, if available) when the change took place.
The process to report errors from within articles is made easy to understand, by providing an email address and form to contact us at the beginning of each article.

When errors within the main body of an article cannot be corrected, the corrections are clearly displayed in the last paragraph of the news content. Instead of completely removing the erroneous content, we explain and acknowledge our mistakes in order to maintain transparency.

If you need to improve our publications, please contact us at the following address
Email with appropriate reasons. Our editorial team will correct only after the necessary research

Office Contact:

Reporting errors
If you believe that the story we have published is incorrect, please contact the editorial team via the ‘Improvement Suggestions’ section at the end of each published web-story. You can also mail us at

Take-down requests
As a matter of editorial policy, we do not accept take-down requests. If the subject claims that the story was wrong, we are ready to investigate and correct if necessary. In situations where fairness demands an update or follow-up on our previous coverage, we are obliged to consider whether there is an additional editorial action warranty, but to remove the article as never published. When we publish publicly available personal data, we review removal requests only if the person involved is at risk of physical harm due to the existence of such content.

Shared policies
Share social media news is a blast tool for listening to voices, and so to help complete this news. Spamming, however, is against the policies of Sulav Post.

At the meeting attended by Sulav Post, each blaster stressed to himself not to violate any social media policy or rules and agreed to strictly follow this set of construction rules on behalf of Blasting News.

Khabartime Media Group Pvt. Ltd. Condensed Sharing Policies:

The broadest group that can share British blasting news articles and dialogues outside, is spam.
Groups to write clickbite headings (such as submit incorrect information in the title).
You cannot use social accounts that do not match your actual values.
Screen Group to share nudity or vulgar content.
You can offer money or reward incentives for people to click on the ad article.
Create or share worker format from celebrity or TV show excuse fan page (however, pages marked as full unofficial fan page can be created and / or parts clarified).
You cannot discriminate, race or promote violence.
Logan to use someone else’s intellectual property, or characters.

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