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According to the changing environment of segregation and the age of competition, Khabartime Media Group Pvt. Ltd. is established. Permission is obtained from all Press Council Nepal, Information and Information, Department  and District Administration Offices registered in the Company Registry Office. Ltd. Published by  https://khabartime.com/ and Khabartime  National  Magazine.

Fact-checking Policy

Khabartime Media Group Pvt. Ltd. ( Khabartime Media Group Pvt. Ltd. ” we “/” we “/” our “) refers carefully to the information you receive from us to ensure proper accuracy.

All our fair accuracy is also the journalist platform, it is the top content aspect for the audience’s trust. Return to trust only on the basis of accurate, fair and balanced reporting. It is necessary that we address many things and all of us remain content to achieve proper purity. Our understanding of ‘proper this purity’ is that purity is not only a necessary standard but also satisfactory in essence.

We also pay attention to the subject matter and nature of the information provided, the expectations of the listeners, etc. In each of our reports, we challenge the claims of skeptics, question conjectures and conventional wisdom, as evidenced by the direct stakeholders of the news. We acknowledge areas of certainty that will always be ready for a solution, despite our best efforts. However, soft and hard stories differ in the rigor required to fact-check information.

For example, the resources needed for positive stories of NGO work are different from search stories. We can follow from below to ensure proper accuracy in our content: We make sure that we have taken any reliable source to broadcast, based on solid and verification evidence. Absorption of direct source, we get stories from credible pundits on the platform where this source is. We endeavor to verify any claims or details or information from public authorities or anyone we believe has an external reason for giving an account of the veracity of the incident. Therefore, we include claims or attributes, which are informative and call-outs, which we request to be confirmed.

We stand by the information we publish and believe it to be true. If an error occurs otherwise, we change the news item / information as realistically as possible and we want to make sure we inform readers about the news item / information change. We understand that our listeners have a lot of faith in us high. Therefore, it is our endeavor that we consciously do not misinform anyone, and that we do not show any information tweaks or present any fabricated information as factual material. Moreover, where serious factual errors can be minimized, we can publicly acknowledge and correct it in appropriate measures. This is to ensure that there is an appropriate opportunity to publicly report any errors or omissions on our website.

News / Information / Stories Reports, articles and fact-checks Our journalists are prominent. In fact, our stories are subject to scrutiny, including a strong fact-finding process where each piece mentions full diligence and is reviewed by one or more of our editors. It is necessary to spend as much as the seniority of the editors reviewing the stories of your website varies and requires different reasons for the complexity and predetermination of the problem, and the pressure of time.
In any case, we can include all relevant parties. We can then accept the information in the free question and the information provided to get the right result.

Source information for our content
We follow all guidelines: Primary Accurate Information Sources Get at least two sources each and every information. In the case of a single resource, the person must ensure a resource policy that confirms the matter. Instead of relying solely on human resources, almost everyone seeks documentary evidence.

In the case of our duty it is our duty to compile the information this method and how to interpret the data the survey provides. If our data gives accurate information, there are chances that it will not, we understand the audience’s associations as soon as possible. Say the purpose and intention. Instead of making it public first, get the right information first and then address any doubts. Strive to record and try to refute information / news stakeholders. Explain why anonymous sources are not used at the time the anonymous source is used, and create a system that activates the same source to provide readers with as much information as possible so that readers can make a revolutionary assessment of the source.

Our editors enable information sharers (editors and reporters) about bank resources to follow whether or not the appropriate piece of information is appropriate and how to use it. The reporter’s response between the editors needs to be reflected in the address. . Summarize how information is made available to resource creators, especially when resources are not available. Information “off the record”, and / or “in the background”, and / or other conditions clarify the source’s expectations. Such terms may have different meanings for different people. Give people the right to respond to reporting that helps portray in negative light, and resources.

We declare that we are prepared to be punished in accordance with the prevailing law if the material we publish is found to be incorrect.

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